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How to Solve the #1 Problem with Meetings

If you are a line manager or ‘boss’ you might find this of interest, I know I did.

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Do to-do’s work?

So I got an app installed, I’m trying Wunderlist at the moment, and started to generate a task list.
First result… positive. I managed to start a basic list and then actually complete some tasks. I followed the advice from Paul Choy, reblog’d earlier and focused on three tasks.  I completed my three selected tasks, enjoyed the brief moment (well done me) and then had the opportunity to complete a further two.
So a great result on day one. However I foresee the next dilemma. I may have completed five tasks but I have generated at least a further dozen and some of these are reocurring. So am I climbing an ever steeper hill?
Now I do not confess to having generated the ultimate to do list, as so far I have only compiled a list of tasks that were on my short term radar, the sort things I know needed doing over the next week.  So while I have a strategy to pick my top three each day, will I only ever be as good as my list?
The  challenge now is to know, understand and list the tasks that need doing for me and my family, but what is this master list going to look like and how will I know when I have it completed.

How do you generate the ultimate bloke, husband & father to do list?

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Dan Rockwell’s post from “Leadership Freak”

Could this be applied to parenthood??

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Teeth brushing fun!

Teaching a 2 year old to brush their teeth has so far been a regular battle of wills. While the idea sounds fun and the tooth brush itself provides lots of entertainment, the act itself is far from enjoyed!
Unfortunately my little one does not like it when daddy takes over the playing and attempts to actually brush the teeth clean. Currently sucking the brush is the preferred method.
So tonight breakthrough. Give them the new toothpaste tub and let them load the brush. Now this method might be slightly more costly, after most of the tub is emptied in one go! However after deftly removing the excess paste, our little one proceeded to have a real great effort at copying daddy. Result!
Once happily occupied I was able to quietly finish of the job with minimal fuss, job done, everyone still happy.
Fingers crossed for next time!

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Post from “Process Index”

So when you are making a list should you consider what task are your “vital few”?

Process Index


What – 80/20 is a productivity rule derived from the Pareto principle which states that, for many events, roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes.

Why – Time is increasingly becoming a valuable commodity for everyone. Whether it is during projects or outside of them, there are always multiple things to be working on. This is a simple rule which can help us save a lot of time and work smarter.

How – Spend time thinking about how to apply the rule and ask “what is the 80/20?”. There are a number of ways you can think about this question. One way might be to think about the material. Take languages for example: it makes sense to learn the 100 most used words in a language, rather than to start learning from a vocabulary book. In another scenario the material might be data. Microsoft noted that by fixing the…

View original post 144 more words

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Want to be productive? Ditch your to-do list

Having just written about using lists myself, I read this and thought it was a good angle on a common issue, so might adapt the idea.

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Ohh what to do next…?

How do you keep track of all that needs doing in the lives of you and your family?  There are all the many things to track, the daily chores, the jobs around the house, some routine and some infrequent.  Then there are the bigger things in life, the holidays, the opportunities, the family planning, the kids education, the hopes, dreams and ambitions of the entire household.

I am not the greatest at this in any way, so cannot ever wish to preach, but as a dyslexic who knows that they need to make a focused concentration in this matter, I have decided to go with… lists.

I have tried lists before, so I guess this is my late 2013 new years resolution.  I have tried many different formats.  Originally I used a filofax style diary, then upgraded to a TMI (Time Manager International) but these are not the cheapest, so I started to simplify with good solid paper.   I used notebooks for a long time but I have come to learn that the written form is not the best for a dyslexic, so in recent years I have moved to e-lists.

I started with the palm style, but in the last few years have been using my iphone.  It is an ever present force in my life, always close to hand and ready to take a quick note or to-do. So I am trying a new app; maybe a review to come later, which I am going to be foucsing on for time.  Hopeing for a much more organised and proactive list and their subsequent ticking off the list.

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