To dispose or not dispose?

I’m trying to decide what to do about my shaving? Suffering from a fairly consistent evening shadow, a poor razor makes quite a difference. Most likely a question all non-bearded blokes will have pondered. Do I use the re-usable razor, do I use a disposable or go for it and get myself a cut throat […]

Protection for the unknown

I had a conversation this week with colleagues.  We found our selves on the subject of life insurance and eventually life & critical insurance.  What I found amazing was the wide variety of views.  Some had no insurance whatsoever and passionately believed it was not necessary, if fact a gimic, others were very supportive and […]

Cancer and a social responsability

The fact of the matter is that Cancer will, unfortunatly, effect each of us either directly (1 in 3) or indirectly at some point in our lives and as the years go by the chance of this happening is every increasing.  It is a sobering thought when you look around at yoursefl and your loved […]

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