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Protection for the unknown

I had a conversation this week with colleagues.  We found our selves on the subject of life insurance and eventually life & critical insurance.  What I found amazing was the wide variety of views.  Some had no insurance whatsoever and passionately believed it was not necessary, if fact a gimic, others were very supportive and talked openly about getting a good deal for them and their family.  Others sat in the middle, happy with lifecover but not interested in critical.

1 in 3 chance of the big C, and you don’t know which form and to what severity.  Wouldn’t you want to do something?  I was amazed at those who thought critical illness insurance was a con, but what if something happened?  Their answer; it’s unlikely to happen so why lose all that money when it might not?

I guess I think differently.  Since getting “life and critical” I am very much in favour, even with a great pension, with a very beneficial death in service policy, I am glad it is there, maybe just in case, but at least something is there.

I suppose the next question is how much?  What sort and level of cover?  Well that’s another discussion.  What do you think?


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